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Promote smooth blood circulation.Dredge the obstacles of the human body’s energy circulation pipeline.
Promote the normal function of organ parts and the coordination between various organ systems.
Improve the balance of endocrine, relax the system tending to tension. Excretion of toxins in the body…

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Cupping has 6 major benefits. 1. Balance yin and yang, yang is hot,Yin Sheng is cold. Fever is a manifestation of yang energy, and chills

Aversion to cold is a symptom of Yin Qi, cupping in Dazhui can Enough to treat fever diseases, but in Guanyuan you can treat Cold diseases…

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Aromatherapy Steam Therapy

Improve body function, detoxify lymph, relax muscles, protect muscles Body, balance between yin and yang; regulate gastrointestinal function and improve human body Endocrine, improve gastrointestinal function, relieve constipation, gastrointestinal, etc. Discomfort; 45 minutes of fumigation is equivalent to two hours of exercise 629 calories…

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